Keeping the home free of pests and annoying insects is an excellent decision. But, to fumigate the home it is necessary to prepare it. Today I want to share this information with you that will be useful to know what you owe before, before, during and after fumigating. Keep reading.

How to prepare the home before fumigation?

For the fumigation you carry out to be effective, it is important that you know the following tips. Pay attention:

Clean all spaces before fumigation

Before the fumigation personnel arrive at your home to provide you with the service, try to clean the shelves and floors well. Keep in mind that it is in these places where the fumigation product will be mainly applied, therefore, it is important that they are clean to prolong the effect.

Leave shelves or drawers empty

Remove the objects that you have stored on the shelves and drawers, especially if you have a lot of infestation. This will prevent them from taking insecticide and then having to clean them to remove the product.

Throw away what you don’t use

The accumulation of paper, cardboard, old furniture, deteriorated or plastic objects makes insects stay in them. If you are going to fumigate you have to discard this type of things that you do not use if you want the pest to leave your home for good.

Cover the food

Insecticides are products that can cause poisoning or allergies, so the most prudent thing is to cover food to prevent contamination. You can keep them in containers, inside the fridge or in a place away from where to fumigate.

Inform if you have fumigated before

Some insects are resistant to certain insecticides. If you have fumigated before, it is important that you report what product was used in order to determine which product is best to use.

How to prepare the home during fumigation?

Remove pets and children

During the fumigation, keep your pets and children under 5 years of age away, as these products can harm you.

Where do pests stay?

Inform the professional where you have seen that the pests have their nests so that they can apply the product in those areas. No one better than you to know this information.

Ventilate the spaces

Open the windows and doors to let the air circulate for at least an hour.

What to do after fumigation?

Let the product act and do not remove it for at least 4 days. If you are going to clean the floors, do not touch the corners so that the insecticide product remains longer.

If the insecticide has dirty your utensils, you should clean them before using them.

Keep the space closed, for example, if you have fumigated in the kitchen area you should avoid using it for 24 hours. After that you can go in and clean the area but without using strong detergents.

Remember to make the reinforcements to prevent the plague from spreading again.

If you have any questions, remember to discuss it with the staff.