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What kind of bug is a spider?

Spiders are the largest order of the class Arachnida, distantly related to other groups of arthropods, such as insects, with which they should not be confused. Some of them have poisonous glands with which they paralyze their prey, and can be very dangerous or even deadly.

What kinds of Spiders are there in Las Vegas?

In Las Vegas we have the following kinds of spiders:

  • Black Widow Spider
  • Brown Recluse Spider
  • Brown Widow Spider
  • Cellar Spider
  • Common House Spider
  • Crevice Spider
  • Daddy Long Legs/Harvestmen
  • Orb Spider

If you see any of the following in your home, give me a call 702-425-2742

How do I get rid of them?

Infestations of the brown recluse and the black widow who are in the house or inside a building require treatment with insecticides.

In the treatments that I perform I use synthetic pyretoids such as cyfluthrin, sypermethrin or lambda-cyhalothrin as they are are especially effective.

I also use sprays to access the spiders that hide in inaccessible areas like attics
and sheds.

Eliminate Spiders in Las Vegas
Josh the bug guy came to my house and sprayed the inside, outside, crooks & crannies. I was very pleased with the customer service. Josh is helpful and informative. We had a spider problem but by the 2nd time he came out, all of the bugs/spiders we’re gone! Great pest control in Las Vegas. He’s affordable & no contract! I will def call him again for future services.
Brittany Graves

Great service and customer service. Felt like I was receiving services from a big brother
Shaetonna Aluru

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